Menta is a Training & Upskilling community for DevOps & Software Engineers.

About menta

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or building on your existing skill set, Menta acts as a support network for your learning and development.

It’s not all about learning though, it’s also about meeting new people, making friends and growing valuable connections in the space.

Who we are


Jack Broughton


Hello 👋 I’m Jack - I’m a Tech recruiter and have been involved in the Industry for 8 years now.

I moved into the DevOps & Cloud space in January 2017 just as Kubernetes was really starting to make a noise in the market and that’s also when I first met Ivan! One thing that instantly grabbed me at the time was the tech community and meetup scene in London – Everyone was so welcoming to me, even as an outsider.

Every individual I met just wanted to help me learn and develop my understanding of Technology. It’s massively helped me with my career, I’ve made friends for life and Menta is a way for me to give back and help others.

Outside of work I spend most of my time with my wife and our 2 kids. I’m a lover of Travel, Coffee, Pizza & Craft Beer.


Ivan Pedrazas


My name is Ivan, born in Barcelona, moved to London 15 years ago, father of 3, Head of engineering at Control Plane. I've been building distributed services for a while now. I've been involved in different initiatives to help and promote the tech community. I run the Kubernetes London Meetup with Milos, which is very big. I also run something we call "The secret meetup", which is very small. There are some rumours going around about me liking to dress up which are certainly not true. It's just that sometimes, you have to dress for the occasion 🦖

Dominque Top


Hello there! I'm Dominique and I'm a Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp. Born in the Netherlands, moved to London in 2016. My background is a funny (but hopefully inspirational) one. From selling Apple computers, to DevOps recruitment, to Community/Developer Advocacy to Solutions Engineering. I've always been interested in tech and have always wanted to do a more techy job. The community has helped me achieve that goal! I run the Docker London meetup, which is how I met Ivan. I used to work with Jack a few companies ago. Both these gentlemen have this natural gravitation towards helping people, as well as just being 2 amazingly kind humans, and that's what I love about them. 
As a project I believe that Menta is something special. People from all corners of the community, focused on learning from each other and lifting each other up. Please do get involved, we're a nice bunch 🙂

Our why is simple…

One thing we all share is our love for the tech community and how much being part of it has helped us and our own careers. Menta is our way of giving back and helping others.

Between us, we have an amazing network of talented SME’s, who are happy to support Menta and give training and career advice for others.